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    March 12,2023


    Updates & Reminders


    Dear Parents,


    Lifetouch Portraits has scheduled our spring pictures for Wednesday, March 15th. An information sheet with suggestions for the day has been given to each student.


    Grades Pre-K, K, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 will be photographed on Wednesday. For their pictures, the students will be allowed to dress according to the guidelines for the “No Uniform Dress Code” (see below).


    The second grade will have their pictures taken on May Crowning Day.  They will have both an individual and group picture taken. Second grade will be photographed in their Communion attire. We will let you know when May Crowning will be scheduled.


    All students will be photographed unless a note is received to state otherwise. Pictures will be sent home with the purchase packages available to each student. You can choose to purchase a package or send the pictures back to school. 


    Thank you,

    Kate Smith               




    Students are expected to adhere to the school and gym dress codes. Parental support of these codes is required. We encourage students to take pride in their appearance. When a child looks and feels good about him/herself, he/she acts and works accordingly.


    ·        Students are to maintain an appearance of neatness, which means shirts must be tucked in at all times and slacks/skirts worn correctly at waist level.

    ·        Neatness and cleanliness in personal attire are part of a child’s education and the responsibility of the parents.



    A student’s hair is to be neat and clean, and groomed conservatively. No extreme hairstyles are permissible .This includes but is not limited to “shaved heads” and “dyed hair”. Boys’ hair is not to be shoulder or collar length and is not to be hanging into the eyes


    Make-up and nail polish

    Make-up, in a moderate amount, may be worn by girls in 7th and 8th grade only. Clear nail polish only may be worn.


    Other points: No hoodies or outside of school sports team shirts/sweatshirts or graphic t-shirts are permitted in school during school hours for any grades.



    The girls may wear post earrings of a small and conservative style /small button-type earrings (one earring only in each ear). Boys are not permitted to wear earrings. Bracelets both ankle, and wrist, pins, and buttons are not part of the school uniform. This includes all rope, yarn, heavy chain, “dog collars” and beaded neck, wrist, and ankle bands. A religious medal or cross on a chain is permitted.





    On days when students do not have to wear uniforms, the dress code will be:



    1. Dress slacks or dress jeans (no faded or torn jeans, spandex pants, stretch pants, or jogging outfits are allowed). NO pajama pants

    2. Dress or skirt (no short shorts) length must come to the knee.

    3. Dress shoes (heels of moderate height for 7th/8th grade students) or sneakers (clean and in good condition) are permitted. (No “flip-flops”)

    4. Blouses should be appropriate for school (no bare midriffs, bare backs, off the

    shoulder, spaghetti straps, etc.).

    5. No concert shirts, graphic t-shirts or other casual shirts with printed sayings

    are allowed

    6. Make-up and jewelry should comply with standards noted above.



    1. Dress pants or jeans are permitted (no jeans that are faded, torn, or in disrepair may be worn).

    2. No spandex pants may be worn.  NO pajama pants

    3. Dress shoes or clean sneakers in good condition are allowed.

    4. Collared shirts, dress sport, or dress golf shirts are permitted.

    5. No concert, see-through, half, or muscle shirts are permitted.

    6. Shirts with printed sayings or graphic t-shirts are not allowed.



    Important Reminders

    Trimester 2 has ended - Trimester 3 began March 6th


    Important Dates

    • Trimester 2 report card were available on Friday, March 10
    • Parent Access re-opened for parent viewing on Friday, March 10 sometime between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm.  All parent accounts will be re-enabled when the portal re-opens.

    Looking Ahead - Save the Date

    Here are a few upcoming dates to mark on your calendar:


    3/17 - St. Patrick's Day - No School

    3/18 - 8th Grade Reconciliation for Confirmation

    4/5 - Early Dismissal

    Easter break will begin 4/6 to 4/16

    4/6 - Holy Thursday No School

    4/7 - Good Friday - No School

    4/9 - Easter Sunday

    4/17 - Return from Easter Break

    4/22 - 8th Grade Confirmation

    4/28 - K-2 Progress Reports








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    To provide a Gospel centered education that will empower our students to become responsible and productive members of Church and society.

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