•  Welcome to my webpage!!


    Welcome back to school and welcome to what I know will be an exciting year of learning.  I am looking forward to working side by side with you and your children. 

    I fully promise to challenge the children to become effective learners and critical thinkers, each reaching the height of their potential.  There are many changes in place and procedures that are different and new, so together we will continue to navigate through the differences that  COVID-19 has presented to us .  We have all risen to the occasion due to this pandemc and will continue to going forward.  Rest assured, your child's safety will always be my first concern.  If there are any questions or concerns that you may have, please feel free to reach out to me at rbasso@stroseoflima.com.

    PLEASE NOTE: We are keeping our classroom a peanut- free environment, so please be mindful of this!  Thank you very much.


    Please see below for:

    • Guide to using my teacher page 
    • Supply list 
    • Additional Supply List Note 


    Guide to using my Teacher Page: 

    Spelling List: A new spelling list will be generated weekly and spelling tests will be administered every Friday.  Hard copies of these lists will be placed in the Language Arts notebook as well.

    Homework Page: Nightly homework given Monday through Thursday.  I will also indicate on this page test dates or due dates, being sure to bold and highlight them for your attention.  I will also be using the REMIND app so that we are all on the same page - child, parent, and teacher!

    Parent Updates/Classroom News: On this page you can find class announcements and any updates I may have for you regarding what we are doing during the week(s) in any given subject or new approaches I may be trying for the class.


    2020-2021 SUPPLY LIST 

    Multipack of Ticonderoga #2 pencils

    Multipack of glue sticks

    2 boxes of 24 count crayons (Crayola)

    1 box of colored pencils (Crayola classic 24 count)

    1 pair of scissor (FISKAR if possilbe)

    2 white erasers 

    one pencil sharpener

    small post it notes

    red pen or pencil

    one pack of index cards

    3 sturdy folders (pockets on the bottom work best)

    small personal size hand sanitizer (no more than 2 ounces)

    individual size packs of tissues 

    ear buds for chrome book use

    one box of gallon size ziploc bags

    one spiral notebook

    one 1" binder



    Clorox wipes

    1 Roll of paper towels


    Parents - 

    Please label all of your child's supplies and, if possible, place them in a Ziploc Big Bag (these are 10 gallon bags that will be able to fit all of their supplies).  No pencil cases are necessary. They will not be sharing any supplies with others.  Their extra supplies will stay in their bags and I will replace items as needed.  

    I've set up our classroom so that our desks are safely 6 feet apart and have placed over-the-chair organizers behind each seat so that the necessary day to day supplies are kept with them for easy access.  This will deter them from movement around the class and help them stay organized.


    St. Rose of Lima orders for each child supplemental magazines for instructional use in both Religion and Language Arts classes, respectively.

    Grade 3:

    Good News Gospel Weeklies        $17.50

    Scholastic News                         $6.75


    In classroom use:

    6 copybooks @ $1.75 each         $10.50

    Agenda Book                             $5.25


    TOTAL                                     $40.00