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    Friday, February 21, 2020


    Cereal box book reports are due on Monday

    Monday we will have the opportunity to meet a local author who is only 20 years old and has written the book called "Older."  I am very excited for the students to meet an author because our class will also be creating and publishing our own hard cover book.  They too will be published authors!  Today I showed the students an example of what we will be doing.  It will be a lot of fun and they will experience the work that goes into writing and creating a published book. And yes you will be able to purchase them.  The book won't be done until May.

    A Scholastics Book Club magazine and order form was sent home today. If you would like to order any books you can do it online using our class code or you can send a check in made out to Scholastic Book Club with the order form.  The due date is next Friday.

    A yellow information sheet went home yesterday regarding an outreach project. SRL and The Blessing Bag Brigade are working together to provide blessing bags to the homeless.  Each grade is responsible for everyday items that will be used to fill bags for those in local shelters and on the streets of NYC.  There is a box in our classroom to collect our items.  Third grade is responsible for travel body wash or soap.  I am thinking smaller bottles of body wash or soap.  Please bring the items in by next Thursday, February 27.

    What We Are Learning

    Math: The students, at this point, should know their multiplication facts fairly well.  Division will be difficult if they do not know them.

    LA The cereal box book report assignment for this trimester is due next Monday, February 24.  In the  packet it explains to them how to put together a cereal box book report.  If anyone needs white paper, I will have some here for them to take home. 

    The students are working on a creative writing exercise.  We will be doing this weekly as well as working on informative writing.  We continue to work through our stories in our textbook and we do close reading in small guided reading groups.  A grammar lesson is taught each week and the students do independent work on strengthening those new skills.

    Spelling words will vary between easy and more difficult words.  The students will do their packets at school during independent work time (while I meet with small groups).  

    Science: We started the new unit on Life Science.  The students are learning about cells and plants.  They are also learning how to take Cornell notes. The notes make it easier to understand what is being taught.

    Social Studies: We continue to study "Where Are Communities?" We continue to work on map skills.  We are presently working on the different regions.  


    We have started our unit on Living Organisms. The students will be studying about living things, in particular, animals. Fourth grade is also learning how to take Cornell notes.  It is simple and a clear way of taking notes from the textbook to better understand the material being taught.



    Mrs. Kropa