Classroom News



    1. This Friday, October 30th, your child may wear their Halloween costumes to school.  Any type of weapon will not be allowed. Please understand that the children will still need to wear their COVID masks.

    2. Please send your child in with disposable water bottles.  We have had several leakages and spills with the refillable water bottles. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    3. Please remember to take your child's temperature every morning and record the results on the Genesis website. 

    4. Snack time is a quick break while we work.  Please help by making your snack seletion small, dry and neat while eating.  

    5. As per the principal, please continue to send in all disposable lunches until further notice. 

    6. Every Friday = gym day. Wear gym uniforms and sneakers 

    7. Scholastic book orders have been made for this month's magazine. I will be sending magazines home oncer a month. This year, due to COVID, the shipping fees for books have gone up tremendously. However, if we have online orders, we get free shipping. In the future I will be giving you a due date for all orders.  Unfortunately, I will need to adhere to that due date in order to get the free shipping. If you are interested in buying books for your child, please do it online and use the classroom code LYX4G.  You are under no obligation to participate. It is totally up to you.