• 5th Grade Language Arts & Homeroom

    "If you don't like to read, you haven't found the right book." - J.K. Rowling



    ***Soon we will be starting novel assignments.  Students will need to bring in a novel that they will enjoy reading. We will all start at the same time.  It should be close to 20 chapters long but more importantly, it should be a book they are interested in reading!  I will need to see it before we begin. I can hold the novels at school if you prefer. Thanks in advance!



    ** The children have been working very hard in class learning how to organize their chrome books for Language Arts.  We have already started a vocabulary unit together which will eventually be done on their own with future units. Have them show you how to log on to their accounts at home to reinforce what we have been teaching in class.  As they advance to the upper grades and even high school, they will need to know how to complete work and submit it this way. They can submit work by printing at home, which is the best option, emailing assignments to me, or if there is no child access to a computer at home, I can have children complete their assignments on penmanship paper.  They are doing a great job!  Thank you again for your cooperation!      

     *Students must always have a novel.  I do have a library in class if needed.