My Homework

    Hello my wonderful first graders!
    I will miss you all the next two weeks but I know you will work hard, follow all the directions and READ, READ, READ!!!!
    You have all become wonderful readers, so I hope you continue to read EVERY day. Use text and picture clues for understanding the main idea and finding details.
    Parents, please email me with any questions or concerns.
    Practice basic addition and subtraction facts EVERY day.
    Take your time with ALL your work and parents please check ALL work for neatness and to make sure it is done correctly. Thank you
    Monday 3/23/2020
    Reading: The Party.
    Read story and complete worksheet.
    LA worksheets dated 3/23/2020.
    A story for fluency is posted in google classroom.
    Read at any time!
    Math: Bring a paper and pencil to our meeting.
    We will practice adding two digit numbers.
    Keep practicing basic facts. Practice with clock.
    Writing: Pages 126-127.
    Write two-three sentences for the beginning of your story.
    Capitalize and print neatly. Make sure words are spelled correctly and sentences are complete.
    We will work on this all week.
    Next week we will read stories to each other.
    It is our gym day! Write what you did to exercise and post it in google classroom.
    Tuesday 3/24/2020
    Reading: I am glad everyone is enjoying the Sqeaky Bed.
    It is in google classroom if you have not read it.
    There is also a fluency story that will be posted for the week.
    Story: Bunny Wish
    LA worksheets dated 3/24.
    Math: Complete math test posted in google classroom.
    We will meet in google classroom and correct together.
    Tuesday is our Spanish Day.
    Practice writing Spanish numbers to 12 in handwriting book.
    Pages 114-115.
    Writing: Write at least two sentences for the middle of your story. Pages 126-127.
    Religion: Pray and do a good deed for Lent.
    Science:If you look up first grade Jeopardy Science it is a funway to practice first grade science skills.
    It is fun to play with a sibling, parent or see how well you do by yourself. Jeopardy is my favorite game!
    Thank you for posting your exercises in google classroom!
    If you play Jeopardy, let me know if you liked it!
    Check Homepage for dictation words and learning strategies.
    Meeting groups:
    Wed. 11:00 Jackson  David  Aria  Domenica  
    Wed. 1:00 Derek    Bobby  Allyson  Victora 
    Be ready to correct test. Bring 100 chart.
    Thursday 11:00 Emmanuel  Darryl  McKenzie Guadalupe
    Thursday 1:00  Carlos Maria Jennifer  Melany
    Be ready to correct math test. Bring 100 chart.
    Wednesday 3/25/2020
    Story: Good ideas
    LA: Worksheet dated 3/25/2020.
    If you want to share in google classroom your favorite invention and why, I would love to know!
    I love the dishwasher!
    If not meeting with me today, download and complete worksheet. Keep in brown envelope.
    I am looking forward to meeting with my two groups today!
    Have your test and 100 chart.
    Religion: There are three videos in google classroom. The Stations of the Cross. The Donkey No one Would Ride and The Sheep. They will be there until Saturday. Enjoy them when you want. If you have any comments, please share.
    Pray and do good deeds.
    First grade science and social studies Jeopardy!
    Have fun with it.
    There is a fun song on google classroom to teach state names and capitals.
    Writing: Complete your story about a great day. We will meet in google classroom next week and share stories.
    Thursday 3/26/2020
    Writing: Complete story in handwriting book and illustrate.
    Pages 126-127.
    Students will share in small groups beginning tomorrow.
    Reading:Dad's Game
    Read story and complete worksheet.
    Read for fluency if you need practice or have not done so yet.
    Complete worksheet dated 3/26/2020.
    Math: Complete worksheets dated 3/25 3/26 or meet with Mrs. Wall.
    Practice with clocks.
    Science and social studies: Use link to practice state names.
    Play first grade science and social studies games on you tube.
    Religion: Use video links. 
    Meetings 3/27/2020
    10:00  McKenzie Melany Carlos Bobby
    12:00 David Darryl  Guadalupe Aria