Welcome to 5th Grade Math! 



    I am so excited to be granted the opportunity to instruct you in Math this year. We will work together to become "math detectives" and critical thinkers.  I have faith in each and every one of you that you will work your hardest, try your best, and never give up on yourself or me.  We are a team!!


    Supplies needed 


    Red pen or pencil

    Binder with at least three dividers

    Six inch ruler

    Looseleaf paper



    PARENTS, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT I HAVE DECIDED THAT SINCE THE CHILDREN COME TO MATH CLASS DIRECTLY FROM LUNCH, THERE IS NO NEED FOR THEM TO BRING WATER BOTTLES TO CLASS.  Water bottles falling on the floor, the need to refill them, and spillage become a distraction in the class that can be avoided. On "double math" period days I do allow a short break, after the first period, for the children to use the restroom or get a drink if needed.  I appreciate your understanding in this matter.


    Children are always allowed to bring home their textbooks if they so choose.  Their textbooks stay in my class solely to save them from forgetting their book at a cubby change.  I post pictures of my homework on Google classroom, whether workbook or textbook pages, so they are always able to do their homework even in the event of forgetting either textbook or workbook pages in school.   


     All future lessons, videos, assignments, etc. are posted on google classroom and I will be available for questions and concerns via email.


    I miss you all.  Be patient with your learning - enjoy doing work in your pajamas! - be kind and helpful to mom and dad - and I will see you all real soon.  God bless you all!