• 3/23/20


    Hi everyone!

    As promised, I have created some assignments for you to choose from in place of the BandLab songwriting assignment. You will be choosing ONE assignment from the list. Please review the attached Music Project Menu, a six page pdf file that lists and describes four assignments for you to choose from. Each assignment also has its own worksheet under the Worksheets topic on the Classwork tab. The assignment worksheet contains more details and instructions, so feel free to look at each worksheet before you make your decision. After you have chosen your ONE assignment to complete, use your chosen assignment's worksheet to complete the assignment. After you have submitted the completed worksheet, please click "Mark as done" on the Music Project Menu assignment.

    The assignment you choose is due no later than Friday, April 24th.

    Please email me or post on your Classroom feed if you have any questions. Have fun! Miss you guys! :)

Music Project Menu jpg
Musical Interview jpg
There's a Hole in the Bucket jpg
One Song, Two Versions jpg
Create Your Own Video Game Soundtrack jpg
  • 3/20/20

    Hi 7th Grade,

    I miss you guys! I hope everyone is doing well and is making the best of this crazy situation. Extra time with our families is never a bad thing!

    When we originally started our songwriting project, I assumed we would be working on it together in class. Even when I assigned it as your first remote learning lesson, I assumed we would eventually be back in school so I could help you with it. Since things have changed a bit and we're unsure when we will actually resume in-person school, I want to give you the option to do another project in place of the songwriting project.

    Please feel free to continue working in BandLab if you are enjoying it and are making progress. But if you're stuck or really need in-person help, you can stop working on it for now. Next week, I will post a "Music Project Menu" on Google Classroom as well as here on my school teacher page. You will be able to pick a project from the menu to complete in the next couple of weeks. I will let you know what the due date for your project will be in next week's post.

    As always, please don't hesitate to email me with any questions you may have.

    Have a great weekend!
    Mrs. Losche


    3/16/20- Remote Learning Assignment

    Hi 7th Grade!

    My remote learning assignment is for you to continue with your songwriting project using BandLab.

    This assignment is ongoing and is not due until we have had one or two more in-person classes. But please don't put it off until the last minute. Use it as a "brain break" as you work on your other assignments.

    Please email me ( or message me on GC with any questions. Good luck and have fun! :)

    I miss you!

    Mrs. Losche


    Accessing the BandLab website
    **Please note that you must use Google Chrome for the Mix Editor to function.**
    Start by being signed into Google on your computer.
    Click "Continue with Google" which is a white box on the left.
    Follow the prompts to log in using your Google account.
    This should bring you to the Feed page.
    If you saved a song in class last week, it should be on the left under Projects.
    Click on it.
    Then click on the red button in the middle of the screen that says "Open in Mix Editor".
    If you did not save a song in class, click the red "+Create" button on the top right of the screen.
    When the "New Track" box pops up, choose "Browse Loops" on the bottom right of the box.
    Then use the Loop Packs to choose the samples to drag and drop into your song.
    *If you were not in class last week, you will have to create a new account using Google.  The site asks you a lot of questions about your musical tastes, etc.  The way you answer these questions doesn't matter at all.  You just have to get to the Mix Editor by hitting "Create Project" or "Create" after all these questions are answered
    Here is the YouTube tutorial we watched in class to refresh your memory:
    Here is the Part 2 for this video, which especially helps with copying and pasting loops:
    Song Structure

    Your song should follow the basic structure below. I’ve included the approximate number of measures each section should be. Again, these are approximations, but staying close to this format is best. Your song should have at least 42 total measures and it shouldn’t go much over 88 total measures. (Be sure you right click the bar above your main workspace to show “beats and measures” so you can keep an accurate count.) Also, keep an eye on your song’s length by looking at the time box next to the record button on the top.

    Intro (2-8 measures)
    Verse 1 (or Verses 1 and 2) (8-16 measures)
    Pre-Chorus (optional) (4-8 measures)
    Chorus (8 measures)
    Verse 2 (or Verse 3) (8 measures)
    Pre-Chorus (optional) (4-8 measures)
    Chorus (8 measures)
    Bridge (8 measures)
    Chorus (8 measures or 16 measures, if repeating)
    Finished or need feedback?

    If you complete your song or if you just want feedback, submit it to me by joining my BandLab classroom here:
    Please make sure I know it is you submitting by either emailing or messaging me on GC with your user name or creating a user name that is obviously you. Your lyrics can be submitted separately via email or as a GC message.