• 3/23/20

    Hi 3rd Grade!  

    I am not posting any new assignments this week, as I have not yet received last week's assignment from most students. I know this has been a big adjustment for everyone so I'm sure you can use a catch up week.  For your convenience, last week's assignment can be found below and in Google Classroom.  The only part of the assignment that has to be subitted to me is under the header "Write Familiar Rhythms".  It can be emailed or submitted directly through Google Classroom.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

    Stay well! 
    Mrs. Losche



    Hi 3rd Grade!  I have set up a Google Classroom for your class.  I will be posting assignmets there starting next week.  Here is the code for you to join:



    3/16/20 Remote Learning Assignment

    Hi 3rd Grade!  Here are your Music Remote Learning Assignments.  Please email me if you have any trouble.  klosche@stroseoflima.com

    Have fun!  I miss you!

    Mrs. Losche


    Rhythm Drills


    See if you can do levels 1-3 without making any mistakes.  Good luck!


    Write Familiar Rhythms (New Due Date 4/3/20)

    Using the workseets below, try writing the rhythms for the chants we did in class.  Remember: one syllable beneath the heart would be a quarter note while two syllables beneath the heart would be two eighth notes.  Click on the name of each chant to print the worksheet.  Please submit the worksheets in Google Classroom.  

    “Engine, Engine Number Nine” Rhythm Fill-in

    “Queen, Queen Caroline” Rhythm Fill-in

    “Double Double” Rhythm Fill-in


    Create Your Own Rhythms

    Use this site (https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Rhythm/) to explore different combinations of sounds to produce an endless variety of rhythms.  Remember that in class, we’ve been representing steady beats with hearts or by tapping our laps.  This site represents steady beats by using vertical lines.  Notice that each set of characters (use the arrows to toggle between characters) has a different number of steady beats per measure.  Here’s the breakdown:

    Monkeys- 3 steady beats

    Turquoise Monsters- 4 steady beats (this one will sound the most familiar to you)

    Light Blue Monsters- 5 steady beats

    Birds- 6 steady beats


    Try using the turquoise monsters to create the following rhythms: