• 3/23/20

    Hi 2nd Grade!  

    I am not posting any new assignments this week, as I have not yet received last week's assignment from most students. I know this has been a big adjustment for everyone so I'm sure you can use a catch up week.  For your convenience, last week's assignment can be found below and in Google Classroom.  It can be emailed or submitted directly through Google Classroom.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

    Stay well!
    Mrs. Losche




    Hi 2nd Grade!  I have set up a Google Classroom for your class.  I will be posting assignmets there starting next week.  Here is the code for you to join:



    3/16/20 Remote Learning Assignment

     Hi 2nd Grade!  Here is your Music Remote Learning Assignment.  Please email me if you have any trouble.  klosche@stroseoflima.com

    Have fun!  I miss you!

    Mrs. Losche


    *Explore the different jobs that can be found in musical theater by rewatching the Introduction session in The Lion King Experience.  Find the video here:


    Click ALL SESSIONS at the top of the page

    Choose JR.

    Then click the yellow LAUNCH button in the Session1: INTRODUCTION block

    Pause the video at 3:00 and answer the questions below:


    1.  Which job would you like to do the most?

    O  Director

    O  Music Director

    O  Choreographer

    O  Designer

    O  Sound Engineer

    O  Actor

    O  Stage Manager

    O  Crew


    2.  On a separate piece of paper, complete these sentence starters to create a paragraph about the job you would like to do the most.

    I chose __(job name)____ because…

    The skills I would need to do this job are…

    This job would be fun to do because…


    *Continue watching the rest of the video and answer the following questions:


    3.  The _______________ in Lion King Jr. are inspired by animals.   


    4.  Which character is not a lion?

    O Simba

    O Nala



    5.  Some of the actors in The Lion King Jr. play plants.
    O True

    O False