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                             March 20   Grandparents' Day Please let Me. Bennett know by 3/15 if a grandparent plans to attend.  All activities will be in gym, so grandparents do not have to be concerned about walking or stairs.

                              April 1   Teachers' Sprituality Day No School for Students 



    Reminder:  If you bring a cell phone to school, you are supposed to turn the turned off phone in to your teacher in Homeroom.  You will receive the phone again when you leave the building.  Thank you for your help and cooperation in this matter.  



    Recognition Assembly:  Congratulations to our award recipients:  Kindest Classmate:  Patrick Gill, Christian Witness Award:  Kevin Kielty, Curious Scientist:  Shaan Patel, Class Historian:  Michael Koch, Aspiring Author:  Talia Torrens, and Chief Calculator:  Kiara Manzano and James Miao, and Professional Dress Award:  Dylan Kohler.

    Congratulations to our wonderful 8A class members! Yea!






    8th Grade News 

    On Friday, November 16th, Parker Rose, Student Council President, and Joseph Zamorski, shared their knowledge of the life of a Civil War soldier, by dressing in their outfits for re-enactment(See photos below!)  They explained the uniform, and the day to day life of a soldier. 

            We also had a special presentation from Sister Mary Helen, our principal.  Sister taught the students about the important role of the Sisters of St. Joseph during the Civil War.  A favorite story is how sisters stood on the deck of the hospital ship as a gunboat passed by in order to protect the hospital.  It worked!  The gunboat just passed on by!  What brave women!

    A big thank you to Sister Mary Helen, Parker, and Joe for their assistance in our learning this week!




    Life of a Soldier Life of a Soldier

    Life of a Soldier

    Sister Mary Helen  Sister Mary Helen