• 4/1/20

    Hi Kindergarten Families!

    Here is another online music class video for your children.  I hope they enjoy it!
    Please email me if you have any trouble accessing the video.  
    Stay well,
    Mrs. Losche



    Hi Kindergarten Families!

    I have created a YouTube channel where I will be posting online music classes for your children.  This week, our topic is dinosaurs! I hope they enjoy singing and dancing along.  Here is the link: 

    Here is another video for them to watch if they are really interested in dinosaurs.  It is a song by Story Bots about many of the different types of dinosaurs.  That link is here: 
    Please email me if you have any trouble accessing these videos, if you have any questions, or if your children would like to explore any particular topics in online music class in the future.  
    Stay well!
    Mrs. Losche


    3/16/20- Remote Learning Assignment

    Hi Kindergarten!  Here are your Music Remote Learning Assignments.  Please email me if you have any trouble.  klosche@stroseoflima.com

    Have fun!  I miss you!

    Mrs. Losche


    Hickety Tickety Bumble Bee

    Gather some family members or some of your favorite toys and sing Hickety Tickety Bumble Bee using everyone’s name.  Don’t forget to pass around an imaginary bumble bee!  I know I don’t even have to write the words here because you know this chant so well!


    Bubble Beats

    Can you identify unique rhythms? Join some friends under the sea to test whether you can tell the difference between fun bongo rhythms. Please type in the address below to get to the game’s page.  Good luck and have fun! 



    Penguin Dance

    Keep the steady beat and do everyone’s favorite…Penguin Dance!



    All Around the Kitchen

    March to the steady beat while you do all the moves…don’t forget to “stop right there” and look for our friend the rooster!




    Line Up Song

    Do you remember our new line up song?  Remember, we use the melody of the song “B-I-N-G-O” to sing it.  Here are the words.  Give it a try!


    We had such fun in music class

    But now it’s time to line up

    L-I-N-E up

    L-I-N-E up

    L-I-N-E up

    And now it’s time to line up


    Now try singing the song four more times, each time replacing another letter in the word “line” with a clap like this…<clap> I-N-E up, then

    <clap> <clap> N-E up, and so on.