Homework Page

  • Welcome to our 3rd grade Homework Page! 


    This page will be updated every week to show nightly homework Monday - Thursday


    Note: We have been practicing writing our homework in our agenda because this is an important skill to develop. Always check the agenda first, to ensure they are practicing this skill, but the homework will also always be listed here for additional reference.


    Monday - October 19, 2020    

    Math:  Workbook pages 41-42

    LA:  Practice book pages 41; study spelling   

    ** Please cover LA Practice book and Religion book with clear contact paper.  Thank you

     ** PARENTS:Please refer to the Parent Update/Classroom news page on my webpage for instructions on how to join my REMIND using the REMIND app. (If you haven't done so already)


    Tuesday - October 20, 2020 

    Math: Workbook page 45

    LA:  Practice book pages 43-45; study spelling



    Wednesday - October 21, 2020 

    Math: Workbook pages 39-40

    LA: Grammar worksheets (Verbs:  Main verbs and past tense verbs); study spelling


    Thursday - October 22, 2020


    LA:  Worksheet:  Compound words; study spelling



    Friday - October 23, 2020

    ENJOY your weekend!  Share hugs with your family members all weekend long!!

    Make every day of your weekend "a sunshine day"!!  Have fun - Be safe - and make beautiful memories!