Parent Updates/Classroom News


    Homework has been assigned for the week so please make sure that you look for it to reinforce the importance of responsibility in getting it done nightly and neatly.


    The children worked very hard this past week. I promise you that they will remain challenged throughout this year as they become more independent learners.  We talk about this every day in class as I strive to ensure them that they DO have the tools needed to find the answers on their own.  We are a work in progress, but I am confident in a successful outcome!


    This week we will be having a Spelling Checkup on Friday


    We will be working on our cursive handwriting instruction every week, with a focus mainly on the two different kinds of upward strokes used in the proper formation of lower case letters. I will be introducing drill sheets to practice certain strokes.  Practice makes perfect!!


    Our Halloween stories are up in the hallway outside of the classroom and they are quite good.  The children worked very hard on them and followed all of the necessary steps that great writers take.  They brainstormed, drafted, double revised, and completed the final copy all within our class' deadline.  They loved sharing their stories with the class.  What a sense of accomplishment for them!!


    LOOKING FORWARD: The children will come home this week with their "BOOK REPORT RECIPE" outline.  The report is due on Friday, November 13, 2020.  Please help your child pick a grade level chapter book that they can bring to school for silent reading. Starting this week, I will be giving the children designated D.E.A.R. time, so having their book with them is crucial.  


    SOCIAL STUDIES:  We are onto a new lesson which covers different types of communities:  suburban, urban, and rural.  The children will be doing an in-class project upon completion of this lesson and will have to pick one community within the United States that they would like to research.  They will use their chromebooks to research the answers to the questions I've put together for them.  The only at-home part of this project may be printing one or two pictures of the community they've chosen.


    Science:  On Friday, the children and I prepped our first plant experiment.  Please ask your child what we did, what we are predicting, and what the purpose of our experiment is.  They were very excited to do this.

    Previously posted:

    I am going to gradually guide the children into note taking since this is another skill that they need to learn and eventually master, but for now, in the interim, I will be using the Cornell Notetaking method to highlight the important concepts and vocabulary in the different subjects’ chapters that we will be covering.  These notes will be placed in their notebooks so when they are preparing for a test, everything they need to know and study will be at their fingertips.  I find this method very effective since it zeros in on the points that are most important.


    I will be using the REMIND app to remind you of upcoming tests or due dates or other classroom announcements.  To join, follow the photo instructions below. 

    READ ALOUD or READ TO SELF tool:  I've purchased for the children a reading/listening tool that will assist them with their oral reading, letter sounds, phoneme blending, and phonics practice.  Without having to speak loudly, the children can use the plastic phone to "hear" themselves read aloud. This auditory device can enhance their reading comprehension as well as fluency and allows them to listen to the clarity and rhythm of their words.  It affords them instant feedback and encourages them to make any necessary adjustments to fluency and pronunciation as they speak.  

    I believe the children will enjoy using this tool - if it is fun to use, then maybe reading will become fun and something they will want to do more of. (THIS IS MY GOAL!!)