• Dear Parents/Guardians,  

    My name is Emanuele Iosue and I will be your child's technology teacher.  I will also be teaching art to our preschoolers.  This is my first year teaching but I am so excited to get into the classroom.  As an alumnus of St. Rose, I know firsthand what a wonderful place this is to be a student.  We are going to learn so much this year, you can find more information about what we will be learning on the curriculum tab of this site.  

    We have so much new technology that we have moved into our brand new Media Center, formally known as the library.  This year we will be using green screens and cameras to create movies.  Students will all be introduced to coding, where will use robots that are told how to move by the students.  Students will also learn how to use the technology that fills the workplace in the modern age such as Microsoft Office, Google, and other online programs.  Students in the upper grades will be introduced to using the internet in a safe way.  We will also learn about movie making and 3D printing!

    I will be opening google classrooms for students in grades 3-8  You can find more information for google classroom in the google classroom section of this webpage.  

    Please feel free to contact me with absolutely any questions or concerns you may have, you can email me at eiosue@stroseoflima.com.



    Emanuele Iosue


    A Note:  Students in Grades 2-8 will need a pocket folder for this class.  THANK YOU