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    Hello Parents/Guardians!

    Here is an update on our sports program as 9/30/2021

    Our winter season is upon us and St. Rose is looking for all interested individuals for Basketball/Cheerleading.  It is right around the corner, with the season beginning in mid November. If you or your child are interested in playing or coaching, please email athletics@stroseoflima.com by October 15th so I can assess and notify the league if our school is able to participate.  

    As of now, there are 6 girls signed up for Varsity Basketball and 2 girls for Junior Varsity. 

    For the boys, there is one boy signed up for Varsity and one boy for Junior Varsity

    Cheerleading we have one.

    If there are not enough sign ups for Junior Varsity, we can move the players up to Varsity if the child and parent/guardian are comfortable with that.  I urge anyone who has the time to volunteer to coach our children, to notify me ASAP in order to make sure all certifications are completed and on file for the league and school prior to practices beginning.  Please review the requirements below and if you have any questions about coaching please email me.

    I am also working on getting all signups and forms available online to expedite the process but am not there yet.  So please email me if you are interested in coaching or have a child interested in participating.  

    The following requirements to coach for ALL SPORTS are:

    • Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y certified
    • Attend a Virtus training session(if you have not done so)
    • Electronically fingerprinted with background checks on record at St. Rose of Lima and the Dicoese of Trenton
    • Concussion Training Certificate   

    As per the league and Diocese:

    " No team can participate in a MOCPSL game led by a person other than the one that has met the above requirements."   In other words, a parent or guardian having not met the above requirements CAN NOT stand in for the head coach or Athletic Director in the event the coach or AD is unavailable or late for a game.  NO ONE under the age of 18 can coach the team unless an adult meeting all of the above criteria is present at the game.  Please note that coaches under the age of 18 must also be Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y certified.


    If you are interested in coaching here is the website for the Concussion Training Certificate.


    It's all online and takes about 20 minutes.  After you pass the test, you will be able to print the certificate out.  Please print it out amd make a copy and send it to the school office to my attention, Mary Alice Kurtz.  


    If you need Rutgers Certification, there is an online clinic via web conference.  The date is October 5th from 6-9.  To register, please email janderson@jacksontwpnj.net. I am looking for additional dates.  Please keep checking my page for updated information.


    Please make sure your child has a current physical on file with the nurses office.


    Any questions, please email me.

    Thanks as always,

    Mrs. Kurtz


    The following coaching postions for the school year are available:

    Boys/Girls JV and Varsity Basketball (JV open to grades 5 and 6,  Varsity open to grades 7 and 8)

    Cheerleading Coach (Grades 6-8) Varsity

    Biddy Cheer Team (Grades 3-5) Junior Varsity

    Boys/Girls Volleyball  (JV open to 5 and 6 grade, Varsity open to 7 and 8)

    Boys Baseball team (open to 6-8)

    Girls Softball team (open to 6-8)