Grade 6 Assignments

  • Grade 6 La Tarea
    6A and 6B:  Chose Spanish names and vocabulary on greetings/expressions.  No assignment given. 
    18.9.18 and 19.9.18:  Continued notes on vocabulary for expressions and greetings.  No assignment given, but there may be an open notebook quiz next week!  HINT!
    2.10.18 and 3.10.18
    Returned quizzes to be signed.  Notes on page 7 of text and practice using tu or usted.  Group work, will continue next class period. 
    9.10.18 and 10.10.18
    Students presented their group work for introductions and greetings for a grade. 
    30.10.18 and 31.10.18
    Students wrote a paragraph about what they have learned about the Day of the Dead for a grade.
    6.11.18 and 7.11.18
    Reviewed the alphabet and the pronunciation of words and letters.
    No assignment given.