Grade 7 Assignments

  • Grade 7
     4.2.19 7A:  Conjugated the verb ir.  Practice expressions using the verb and writing sentences.  No assignment given.
    11.2.19 7A:  More practice with the verb ir.  Next week:  Open notebook test. 
    14.2.19 7B:  Valentine's Day crossword puzzles. 
    21.2.19 7B:Practice with the verb ir.  Writing sentences telling what we are going to do (ir + a + infinitive).  Quiz next week?
    25.2.19 and 28.2.19 7A and 7B:  Review of the verb ir and listened to Marc Anthony's song Vivir la Vida which uses the verb ir + a + infinitive pattern we have been studying.  7B took an open notebook quiz on this with sentences.  7A will take their quiz next time. 
    4.3.19 7A:  No Spanish due to Iowa Testing.
    11.3.19 7A:  Review of the verb ir- to go.  Open notebook quiz on the verb ir.  No assignment given.
    14.3.19 7B:  Notes on the definite and indefinite articles, el, la, los, and las, un, una, unos, and unas.  Open notebook quiz next week.  If you were absent during class due to testing, please copy the notes from a classmate.  
    18.3.19 7A:  Notes on vocabulary for the verb estar.  No assignment given.