Grade 4 Assignments

  • Grade 4 La Tarea
    28.9.18 Classroom objects vocabulary.  Assignment:  Complete the word search by next Friday for a grade. 
    5.10.18  Completed puzzles with partners with vocabularyf or classroom objects.  
    12.10.18  Completed puzzles and practice worksheets for classroom objects.  Quiz next week!
    19.10.18 Test (open notebook) on classroom objects.  Watched short video about El Dia de los Muertos.  Drew picture about something from the video to share with family/friends. 
    9.11.18 and 16.11.18
    Learned to make nouns plural in Spanish.  Also, began to review the days of the week and months of the year in Spanish and writing the date.  New vocabulary:  ayer, manana, hoy, fue, es (yesterday, tomorrow, today, was, is).  No assignment given. 
    Watched movie about our Lady of Guadalupe and completed a puzzle for points, due next week for a grade.