Grade 5 Assignments

  • Grade 5 La Tarea
    Chose Spanish names and made nametags.  Began to review Spanish expressions.  No assignment given. 
    Vocabulary for months of the year, notes on writing the date in Spanish.  Assignment:  Worksheet (crossword puzzle) on Months of the year vocabulary, due next class period.
    Collected crossword puzzles on the months of the year.  Reviewed the months, ordinal numbers, and writing the date.  Assiged wordsearch with the months of the year, due next week. 
    Reviewed the months with partners and writing the date.  Quiz next week. 
    Test on months of the year and writing the date in Spanish.  Watched mini video about El Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead by National Geographic. 
    Returned tests. Discussion on the Day of the Dead.  Worksheet to share with family.
    Students presented their classroom dialogue using the vocabulary learned over the last two weeks.  Classroom commands and phrases were demonstrated by having students act out a classroom situation with one student as the teacher and the remaining students played themselves in the scene.  Grades were received for pronunciation and participation.  
    Learned to use definite and indefinite articles in Spanish.  Used these with the vocabulary learned about the classroom.