Grade 5 Assignments

  • Grade 5 La Tarea
    14.2.19  Wordsearch and puzzles with Valentine vocabulary in Spanish.  No assignment given.  We have been learning to use possessive adjectives in Spanish this month.
    7.3.19 Reviewed vocabulary for opposites from last week.  Completed a puzzle and reviewed the vocabulary.  Began to write sentences using the possessive adjectives we learned previously and the new vocabulary.  Will continue next week. 
    21.3.19:  Open notebook quiz on opposites.  No assignment given. 
    28.3.19:  Open notebook quiz returned.  Began to take notes and identify subject pronouns in Spanish.  No assignment given. 
    11.4.19:  Reviewed subject pronouns.  Completed a self quiz.  Began to conjugate -ar verbs in the present tense.  Assignment:  Complete top portion of page 58.