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    Friday, February 14, 2020


    No school on Monday.

    The students had a great time sharing and passing out their Valentine cards and goodies!  Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy your long week-end.

    The spelling test was voted by the students to be moved to Tuesday.  The math test will be on Wednesday.

    What We Are Learning

    Math: The students should be studying their 7 facts.  The students continue to be orally tested on the facts.  We are finishing up our multiplication unit and there will be a test next Wednesday on chapter 6.  

    LAThe students will be practicing how to identify the main ideas of stories and supporting details.  The students were given new spelling words today.  I am going to have them do their spelling packets in class during small group independent work. They should have the list of words that can stay at home to study for Friday's test.  I also gave them their book report assignment for this trimester.  It is a packet that shows them how to put together a cereal box book report.  If anyone needs white paper, I will have some here for them to take home.  The book report project is due Monday, February 24 (two weeks from today.)

    The students have done an excellent job doing research on their Black History Month individual.  We completed the research and will begin learning how to make PowerPoint slides next Wednesday during computer time. 

    If possible, I would like for each student to purchase a memory stick to use for the rest of the year. They will use the memory sticks to copy and save their work from the computer lab downstairs, so they can bring it upstairs to our class to present their projects.

    Science: We started the new unit on Life Science.  The students are learning about cells and plants.

    Social Studies: We started the new unit on "Where Are Communities?" We continue to work on map skills.


    We will start our unit on Living Organisms.The students will be studying about living things, in particular, animals.



    Mrs. Kropa