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    8th grade Religion classes:

    ~Stations of the Cross and teenagers can relate to them in their every day life

    ~Reconciliation review

     ~reviewed Works of Mercy and how to apply to our lives

    ~studied the Ten Commandments and the Nicene Creed

    ~continue to look for ways "To see Jesus in everyone and be Jesus to everyone."

    ~discussed weekly Gospel readings and worked with the Bible to locate passages

    ~learned about the parts of a Mass

    ~attend Mass with the SRL Parish members once a month

    ~prepared and participated in school liturgies and prayer services

    ~studied Advent, Christmas and Feast Days in each month

    ~learned about the Pope and how he is elected to his postion

    ~learned about Parables

    ~preparation for Confirmation


    7th & 8th Grade Advanced Language Arts:

    ~Research Paper

    ~completed personal narratives, persuasive essays and descriptive writing and research papers

    ~concentrated on story elements (expostion, conflict, climax and resolution)

    ~learned how to MLA format

    ~continue to work on different types of figurative language

    ~daily integration of technology through chrome books and smart board

    ~vocabulary units, parts of speech and using roots to figure out new words in context