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    Study Spelling and Vocab (Tests Friday) 

    Science test on Plants Feb 21st 

    Math test on Chapter 4 Feb 25th


     No School-Snowy Day 


     Math-Represent division by sharing worksheet *Do pages 55 and 56 



     Religion-My House of Holiness handout 

    Drills-Feb 19th 

    Science test on Plants Feb 21st 



    Friday Reminders: 

     Drills Feb 19th

    Science test on Plants Feb.21st



    Have a restful weekend




    *Studets are to practice the recorder for Music class. They can bring back their recorder either the day of Music (Thurs) or before that. I have a basket where I place all the recorders when students bring it back to class. 

    Their music sheet is in their Music folder in which they should have. 

    Thank you! 


    No homework on Fridays enjoy the weekend

    No hay tarea los viernes. Disfruta el fin de semana