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    Frequently Asked Questions: 
    1. When is homework due? 
    Homework is due the following day from the day before when it was given. 
    All homework is to be turned in promptly. Homework can be a handout, worksheet, or work may be assigned in any of their copybooks. Homework is written in (green dot) copybook daily, unless otherwise noted. Homework can also be viewed on this website. 
    2.How do we practice math facts?
    Math facts are practiced in a variety of ways. It can be accomplished with flash cards, games, songs, math apps, and worksheets. Daily practice is important! So, remember to practice with your child as much as possible.   
    3. What is the routine with spelling tests or any other language-arts related tests?
    Spelling and vocabulary words are given every Monday. These words follow the story that we will be reading each week. On Fridays, students will be given a test on vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension. Tests may changed based on a number of things, however, this is the mostly when the tests are administered. 
    4. When is the Iowa State Test? 
    Iowa testing is in March, usually around the 4th. You will get an update during the school year as to the test dates and time. 
    5. How do I understand my child's Terra Nova scores once I've received them? 
    Take a look at this information. That question has a more lengthy answer! 

    6. What are testing folders? 
    Testing folders are folders that students will have all the tests they have taken that week in that folder. They will bring it home and you can review and keep at home. Your child is to then bring the folder back to school and I will collect it until Friday (ideally) when I send it back home again. 
    7. What if my child is not going his or her usual way home? 
    Not a problem. Please be sure to send in a note or let the office know that there will be a change from how your child usually goes home. 
    8. What if my child lost their reading log? and what if I don't see a reading log in my child's folder?
    Not to worry. The reading log is easy to get a hold of. Simply click the tab on the left hand side of this website under "book reports" and you will find the reading log. Click the link then print. If for some reason you don't see a reading log in your child folder it's either: they did not get it yet or they have misplaced it. 
    9. How can I set up a conference/meeting with you to discuss how my child is doing academically? 
    Send me a note or email me, and we can work out which day and time would be the best time to have a conference. 
    10. How can I keep track of what my child is doing in class? 
    You can keep track using the grade portal system. Also, you can keep track by reviewing any tests, classwork, or homework that may come back with your child. Additionally, you can always schedule a meeting and we can discuss how your child is doing in class. 
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