Classroom News








    The students are allowed to bring in water to stay hydrated.  Nonmetal bottles are permitted. 

    Please make sure your child has tissues and hand sanitizer for his/her personal use. .

    If your child brings a phone to school, it is turned off and will be collected. Phones will be returned at the end of the school day.

    The students will receive a list of necessary supplies when they come to school. Please send your child to school with paper, writing tools, and a folder(if possible) for opening day.They can bring coloring supplies too if those have been purchased already. I will send a "bill" for supplies given to students as well as for magazines used in science, religion, and language arts when everything has been finalized.

    Students will be signing on to my Google Classroom. Test study guides, power points, and project descriptions/rubrics can be found there as the year progresses. Homework will be put on Google Classroom this year instead of the school website.

    If your child needs to contact me, he or she should email me at I'm more than willing to help, but they have to understand that I am not attached to my phone/gmail and I don't answer gmails all night long. 



    6th Grade Religion focuses on the Old Testament. They will be locating and interpreting scripture passages. They will study the different ways people gave witness to their faith and will reflect on ways they will be witnesses to Jesus.

    6th Grade Science focuses on Earth Science. We will be reviewing the scientific method and students will complete an experiment at home. They will study processes that change the earth as well as the effects of natural disasters.

    6th Grade Social Studies focuses on ancient civilizations...Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China to name a few. I plan to incorporate hands-on learning in both my social studies and science classes.

    7th Grade Science focuses on Life Science. I'm hoping to be able to have the students use microscopes this year. The students spend most of the year studying animal they are classified and how they interact with each other.

    8th Grade Science focuses on Physical Science, which is divided into two main topics: chemistry and physics. We start out with the harder topic first, which is chemistry.Then sometime in January we will start the physics portion.