Classroom News








    Since our students are eating lunch late, they will be allowed to have snack. Nothing with nuts.

    They need to bring in their own snack and no sharing is allowed.

    Please make sure your child wears a mask to school. Students are required to wear them throughout the day. They will have some mask breaks during the day. Your child should also have tissues, hand sanitizer, and wipes (if possible to find) for their personal use. They are not allowed to share.

    If your child wants to bring in water, nonmetal bottles are permitted. The students will not be permitted to fill their bottles up in school. Water fountains are off limits.

    Students will be eating lunch in their classrooms. We are providing a peanut free environment, so please refrain from sending in food that contains peanuts.

    Teachers are moving from class to class, so students will only need to bring a backpack to bring necessary items home.

    The students will receive a list of necessary supplies when they come to school. Please send your child with paper, writing tools, and a folder(if possible) for opening day.They can bring coloring supplies too if those have been purchased already. 

    Each student will be receiving a Chromebook to bring back and forth to school on a daily basis. It is your child's responsibility to make sure that it is charged and brought to school ready for use. Additional information to follow.

    Students will be signing on to my Google Classroom. Test study guides, power points, and project descriptions/rubrics can be found there as the year progresses.