Student Support Services



    Child Study Team - The Child Study Team is funded by the State of New Jersey, (Chapter 192/193) and provided by Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission. Any child who has been recommended for evaluation is eligible as long as parental permission is given. The team consists of a social worker, psychologist, and LDTC (Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant). Detailed information on procedures may be obtained by speaking with a member of the team, principal, or teacher. This service is offered at no additional cost to the family.

    Speech - Speech/Language services at St. Rose of Lima are provided through the Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission and funded by the State of New Jersey (Chapter 192/193). New students to the school are screened in September, however, a child may be referred by a parent or teacher at any time. The program offers remediation of expressive and receptive language skills, articulation errors, voice fluency, and auditory processing disorders. This service is offered at no additional cost to the family.

    Compensatory Education - Compensatory Education Services are provided by the State of New Jersey (Chapter 192/193) through Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission. Classes are held in a trailer adjacent to the school building. Children are eligible for these services on the basis of standardized test scores. Services include remediation in mathematics, reading, and writing. This service is offered at no additional cost to the family.

    Supplemental Instruction - Supplemental Instruction is funded by the State of New Jersey. Any child who has been tested and classified by the Child Study Teams of the Monmouth Ocean Educational Services Commission is eligible for services. Classes are held in a trailer which is on school property. The student works on skills that are in accordance with the goals and objectives stated in his/her I.S.P. (Individual Service Plan). This service is offered at no additional cost to the family.

    Food Services - A nutritional lunch is available for purchase on each full day of school. The lunch varies daily. The meal is composed of the four basic food groups. Each meal ends with a dessert.  Their is also a daily salad bar.  The present cost is $2.50 for the lunch.  Also, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are available daily.  Our school participates in the Non-Public School Nutrition Program. In September the parents are afforded the opportunity to purchase milk - white or chocolate -  for their child for the entire year at a substantial discount. Juice boxes, bottled water, Snapple and various snacks are also available for a nominal fee. 

    Health Services - Health services are provided by the State of New Jersey through Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission. A full time registered school nurse is present throughout the school year. The nurse maintains the students' health records and daily attendance, as well as monitoring the students' individual growth annually by checking height, weight, blood pressure, vision and hearing screening. She is also available to assist the doctor with sports physicals and may dispense medication to a student provided a written doctor's note is on record in the health office, and the medication is in the original labeled container.

    Students who become ill during the day or are injured on school property are sent to the health office. The nurse then determines if the parent should be contacted or if the child should be returned to class.

    Extended Day Program - E.D.P. is an after school program available to St. Rose students. It is in operation from 2:15 P.M. - 6:00 PM every school day and from 12:15 PM - 6:00 P M on every scheduled early dismissal day. Children may purchase pizza for lunch on scheduled early dismissal days. During E.D.P. the children have the opportunity for outdoor play, participation in arts and crafts, indoor activities, homework time, television, and movie time. Snacks are provided.

    Physical Education Enrichment - Students with special physical needs may meet with the physical education teacher for individual sessions, as needed, to ensure success in the regular physical education class.
    An OT is available to students whose ISP requires it.  This service comes to us from MOESC.

    Inclusion - All students, along with students that have an ISP have the advantage of a qualified/certified teacher in their classroom during the time allotted for language arts. These classes range from 20 to 27 students with a teacher and support staff.