• RCIA

    The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
    is designed to welcome and educate persons seeking full membership in the Catholic Faith. This includes the unbaptized, those baptized in other faiths, and baptized Catholics who desire to receive the sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Confirmation.

    The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, R.C.I.A. for short, is the process by which adults or young adults prepare together in a friendly supportive atmosphere for full membership in the Catholic Church. It is a journey of faith, embarked on by adults of various faith experiences, various ages and stages of life, who share a common curiosity and interest in membership in the Catholic Church. Many who have gone through the R.C.I.A. process here at St. Rose have found it to be a very rewarding experience, have developed lasting friendships, and have reaped the benefits of full membership in the sacramental life of the Church.

    Team leaders, catechists and sponsors accompany and support catechumens and candidates on their journey to full communion with the Catholic Church. The adults one-year program and the teen’s two-year program runs from September to May and members are fully initiated into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil.

    We welcome all inquiries about membership in our faith community or participation on our R.C.I.A. Team.

    For more information, please call the Parish Office (732) 462-0859.