Student Council

  • Welcome to SRL's Student Council Page!


    2019-2020 Student Council

    Applications due Friday, 5/10

    Posters due Wednesday, 5/15

    Speeches due Friday, 5/17 

    Speeches & Election~May 29th



     ~Thank you for organizing and contributing to Hearts to Hospitals.

    ~Thank you for "adopting" over ten families at Christmas.  Your generous donations will make Santa's  job much easier!

    ~Thank you for your generous donations for Open Door.  We have created 34 Thanksgiving boxes to donate to people in our community.

    Service Projects this year include:

    Hearts to Hospitals

    Sweet Shoppe Sales and Freestyle Fridays~money collected will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.

    Open Door~Peanut butter collections-October

                    ~Thanksgiving Boxes~November

                    ~Adopt a Family~December




     2018-2019 Student Council:

    Executive Board~

    President:Parker Rose

    Vice-President:Christopher Barna

    Secretary:Grace Shave

    Treasurer:Ava Johnson


    8th Grade Homeroom Representatives:

    Gia Cangialosi

    Michael Bisaha

    Jillain Butch

    Philip Vespia Kerwin

    Joseph Russo

    Katie Webb


    7th Grade Homeroom Representatives:

    AnnMarie Brunetti

    Christopher Campbell

    Infantina Francis

    Stacy Mancino

    Charlie Scott

    Brian Vecchio