St. Rose of Lima Athletic Association

Parent Assignments � Concessions/Admissions

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Snack Bar

Snack Bar




Each parent must work 5 times.  The Team Parent will contact all parents to identify date(s) the parents are available to provide a service if necessary, for home games.  Once dates are assigned, the Team Parent will distribute completed copies of this form to all parents, the coach, and the Director of Scheduling.  For indoor sports, this schedule must also be posted in the Snack Bar prior to the beginning of the season.  Parents who are collecting admissions or working the concession stand for indoor sports must arrive 30 minutes prior to game time.  For outdoor sports, the coach will provide specific instructions for parents.

Once this list is completed, the Team Parent is not responsible for arranging any changes.  Any parent who is unable to work their assigned date must make their own arrangements to switch with another parent.  Any parent who misses an assigned date will forfeit their service deposit and must post another deposit ($50).