Mrs. Starke's Preschool Page - Three Year Old Half Day and Full Day Program

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    Regular Hours

    HALF DAY 7:45 - 10:45 and FULL DAY 7:45 - 2:15

    Delayed Opening

    HALF DAY  9:45 - 11:45 and FULL DAY 9:45- 2:15

    Shortened Day

    HALF DAY 7:45 - 9:30 and FULL DAY 7:45 - 11:45



    Shortened Schedule Days on Thursday, June 14th and Friday June 15th...

    Have A Great Summer! 


    We have completed our numbers for the school year...

    Please continue to practie the numbers from 1-5!



     If ordering lunch please

    send in lunch coupon each day.


    Friday is our gym day ...please wear sneakers!

    Please check backpacks everyday!

      Mrs. Starke


    Three Year Old Program

     This week we will continue to talk about the month of June and summer fun!

     Color of the Week - Our colors are finished for the school year!

     Specials for the Week -  Our specials are over for the school year!


    Just a Few Reminders ...

    - Please return all forms, extra clothes and camera

    - Practice using scissors

    - Please wear sneakers or a tied shoe ... no flip flops please!



    - brown paper bags from Stop and Shop, Shop Rite, etc.

    - gently used toys that you may no longer need (dollhouses, matchbox cars, dolls,etc.)

    - 1 pound Coffee cans




    Four Year Old Program


    Letter of the Week -   

      Alphabet Puppet Project - 

      Alphabet Sound Bag Project (5 day only) - 

    Show and Tell -  

    Specials for the Week -   


    Just a Few Reminders ...

    - Please return all forms, extra clothes 

    - Please practice with scissors

    - Please wear sneakers on Gym days

    - Please practice recognition of first names