Mrs. Starke's Kindergarten Page - KB


       As we continue in school please remind your children to follow the school

    rules during the classroom and recess time.

    Children receive a sticker everyday if they stay on the green apple...

    10 stickers will rewarded with a small pize!


    Just a reminder...

    Please send in an extra small snack (granola bar, 2 cookies, small bag of goldfish, etc.)

    with your son/daughter in addition to their lunch.

    We will have a break during our morning work before lunch.

    Our snack break is quick so please make this extra snack small, dry and neat as we are working while we have our quick break.


    Please check my classroom pages daily for updates and reminders and

    also check my homework page for daily assignments for the week. 

    Friday is our Gym day...the boys and girls will wear their gym uniform and sneakers.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Mrs. Starke