• Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!


    This year I will be teaching Technology to all students in grades K through 8 and Science for grade 5.


    I'm so excited to meet our new students and catch up with returning ones after this long break!  We are starting the year under unprecedented and unpredictable conditions, but together we will continue to learn, adapt, and grow. 



    For my classes, you will need only the 4 Ps: 

    1. Pencil (or pen)
    2. Paper
    3. PPE - Masks are required during all classes
    4. Positive attitude!



    In Technology, all students will be expected to participate and try their best.  The goal of this subject is to learn how to use technology tools to become better students.  We will begin the year reinforcing Google Classroom skills and take it from there.

    In Science, we will be covering topics ranging from matter and physical science to Earth and the solar system.  Our most important goal for 5th grade is to start truly thinking like a scientist!


    Students will remain in their homerooms and I will come to them.  There will be very limited use of the computer lab, as all students will be working on their own dedicated Chromebook or iPad.  We will try our best to get to the Science lab as safety guidelines evolve.

    All students will be invted to join my Google Classrooms.  This is where they will find all of their meeting links, assignments, and enrichment. 


    Please contact me at ehierl@stroseoflima.com if you have any questions or need support.