Welcome to Kindergarten!

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    Let's start a new adventure together

    Our Kindergarten classroom is a great place to learn and grow. 

    We will concentrate our studies on four main areas:  language arts, mathematics, science, and religion.  In addition, students receive instruction in the related arts subjects of music, art, world languages, technology, and physical education.







    School Supplies

    Please send your child to school each day with a backpack and lunchbox.  All folders and other supplies will be provided for your convenience from the school store. 

    You may be asked to replenish your supplies as the year progresses.







    Homework and Other Info

    All work will be posted in our Google Classroom.  Each student is assigned a unique login.  Credentials will be sent home to parents and guardians.

    Any class-specific information, photos, and other links will be shared only in the Google Classroom or Remind app, and not on this website, for our mutual privacy.