Welcome to Math Class!

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    7A Homeroom and Religion

    We are having a great time in seventh grade!  The students are excelling in various leadership roles around the school community.  Several of our seventh graders are current memebers of the Student Council, and many are planning to run for executive board positions in the spring.  Let's cheer for our class members on the girls varisty basktball team!

    We are celebrating birthdays and achievements, so please keep me informed of any special events that your child would like to share.








    Grades 5-8 Math Supplies

    Please make sure that your child is prepared for class with pencils and paper (notebook or binder - their choice) each day.  A folder is helpful for taking home returned tests, quizzes, and other handouts.  Students in Pre-Algebra need a calculator.








    Homework and Other Info

    All work will be posted in our Google Classroom.  Each student is assigned a unique login.  Please contact me if there is ever an issue with their Google accounts or Chromebooks.

    Any class-specific information, photos, and other links will be shared only in the Google Classroom or Remind app, and not on this website, for our mutual privacy.