• Diocesan Tuition Assistance Program 2021-22 School Year

    For Families with Children Attending Catholic Schools

    General Information

    Tuition assistance is awarded each year to families with children in our Catholic schools in grades K-12.  Awards are made based on financial need.

    How is the determination made?
    Information contained in the application along with the supporting materials is used to determine financial need.  The formula utilized has been especially designed for families with children attending Catholic school. This calculation is based on a moderate standard of living for the geographic area of the applicant, further ensuring a realistic result. This formula determines the ability of a family to pay for private education. FACTS includes a comprehensive review and verification process ensuring the accuracy of the data.

    Award Amount  Families who apply can receive up to one-half of the school's in-parish tuition rate.

    How to apply (One application per family)

    • The application fee is $35, and it is due at the time the application is submitted. Forms of payment include debit cards, major credit cards, or an electronic check. 
    • Online applications are available in English and Spanish. To select Spanish, simply click on the link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen before you log in. 
    • Submit the necessary supporting documentation. 
    • For Grades K-8: To be considered in Round 1 applications must be complete by February, 2021​​​​​​​
    • The deadline for Round 2 is May, 2021
    • The online application is very user friendly. 
    • Paper applications are no longer available. If you need to arrange assistance in completing the online application you can contact Marissa Marcille at 609-403-7163 or mmarci@dioceseoftrenton.org.


    Grades K-8

    • Applications completed by February, 2021 will be evaluated in Round 1. Typically, applications in the first round are submitted by existing school families or new families who register during Catholic Schools Week. Applicants who did not receive tuition assistance in Round 1 will be automatically reconsidered in Round 2. All applications must be complete, containing all supporting tax documentation. 
    • Applications completed by May, 2021 will be evaluated in Round 2.  This is the final opportunity to apply for diocesan financial aid.  Typically, applications in the second round are submitted by families who register late, regardless of whether they are new or existing families.  All applications must be complete, containing all supporting tax documentation. 
    • For Round 1 tax forms from 2019 will be accepted. W2s must be from 2020.
      For Round 2 tax forms and W2s must both be from 2020.
      If you are unable to supply these tax forms you can contact Marissa Marcille at mmarci@dioceseoftrenton.org. to request this requirement be waived. 
    • It is recommended that families submit the application as soon as possible.  
    • Applications completed after May will be considered only if additional funds become available.  
    • Families will be notified by email whether or not an award is granted.  When this notification is received the parent should contact the school. 
    • If an award is received, contact the school to work out adjusted tuition payments; 
    • If you are denied diocesan tuition assistance, contact your school and inquire if any funds are available directly from the school.



    Contact information:

    • FACTS Customer Care Representative: 866-441-4637 
    • or contact your school office.