Our Belief Statements

  • St. Rose of Lima School Belief Statements


    We believe that it is our responsibility to provide an atmosphere here at St. Rose of Lima that enables every student to grow closer to Jesus and live the Gospel values.

    We believe that the child is at the center of our academic program. Therefore, we provide an environment that is conducive to the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth of every child.

    We, at St. Rose of Lima, believe that by having well-defined standards of behavior, each child becomes able to recognize his/her place in the family, school, community, and world.

    We believe that in order to insure the success of each student there must be a cooperative relationship between the school and home.

    We believe that we have a responsibility to the community to offer the opportunity to educate their children in a Catholic environment.

    We believe that the parents are the primary educators of their children therefore we must provide opportunities for parental involvement in both the religious and academic education of their children.

    We believe that our teachers are the heart of our school, that as members of the faculty, we see ourselves as being formed by each other, and guided by our Christian vision of reality.

    We believe that it is imperative that each student see himself/herself, today and in the future, as a reflection of God’s goodness and will therefore treat himself/herself and others with dignity for the enhancement of all humanity.