• St. Rose of Lima Freehold Testimonials

    We think our school community is great and apparently so do a lot of our current students and alumni.  Here are just a few words from our family that sum up SRL and its effect on their lives and the lives of their children.   

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     I am a graduate of St. Rose of Lima, class of 2008 and I am currently a mathematics education major at Fairleigh Dickinson University. St. Rose provided me with the building blocks to be successful, not only in high school, but throughout my educational career.  While attending St. Rose I learned structure, organization, respect, and discipline. Being in the advanced math program allowed me to understand the concept of problem solving and that led to my future as a math teacher. - Brianna Kane , Class of 2008


    As an elementary school teacher myself, my expectations and standards run high. St. Rose has exceeded my hopes in providing a challenging, supportive, and caring environment for my daughter's education. The most loving staff and families have made us feel more than welcomed since we moved her from a local public school last year. Best decision we've made! I am not an alumni but wish I was...I would have flourished here;) - Melissa Picciolo


    I'm entering my final semester before receiving my masters in education, I'd like to thank them all for being such positive influences and role models and having such a large impact in shaping me to become the person I am today.  - Scott Zimms, class of 2005 (in regards to visiting his teachers and the staff)


    St. Rose of Lima provided me with lasting friendships through college. The close-knit feeling within the school is unique from other schools in the area. St. Rose also prepared me for my later academic career. I attended Red Bank Catholic, and was in the top 20 percent of my class. Today, I am a junior at Fordham University, and working towards becoming  a Physician's Assistant.
    - Elizabeth Fiorino - Class of 2007


    I have many fond memories of my time at St. Rose of Lima.  It's the kind of place where the principal knows every students' name, their family and how they are performing in the classroom.  The level of involvement by the teachers and staff in the moral and academic development of their students is simply phenomenal - Steve Robinson, Class of 2002.


    Our family has been blessed by St. Rose of Lima school with the opportunity to form so many friendships.  it is a nurturing community of faith that provides support and allows us to enlighten each other on parenting, faith and other areas of life.  it also provides an outstanding Catholic education in a safe, loving environment.  This allows us to grow spiritually, morally, intellectually, emotionally and socially.  SRL has allowed us to use and develop our talents through academics, sports, social programs and competitions.  SRL is truly a special place that has affected me more than any other educational experience to date. - Jason J. Innocenti, an SRL alumni and parent of three current SRL students


    I am a 1957 graduate of St. Rose. One of the last classes to graduate from the old school on McLean St. I still have many fond memories of my years at St. Rose and the many lessens learned as a student and alter boy. I think I was the first boy to play hookie on the first day of fishing season only to be caught and sent to Father Kucker and Father Cohen by Sister John Gabriel. Father Kucker was tough and Father Cohen had to hold back from laughing. At the end of the lecture, Father Cohen asked, "well, did you catch anything"? 

    I was a member of the first St. Rose championship basketball team along with Wayne Cashion, Jim Gleason,Rich Kane and Terry Ryan. Our coach was Donny Higgins. 

    I also had the great good fortune to have played on the St. Rose baseball team for the late great Dem Cashion, one of Freehold's greatest baseball players. 
    I went on to FRHS where I felt I had an academic advantage since we learned algebra in eighth grade and I had over three years of Latin. 

    I received a scholarship to the University of Iowa and played football and majored in Biology. After returning home, along with my best friends, Joe Collins and Auggie Daesner, we were the founders of Freehold Pop Warner. 

    I worked in downtown NYC for AIU and was transferred to California as a regional director in charge of the Far East and Australia. I was then recruited by Halliburton Company to be president of one of their subsidiary companies in Houston Texas. In 1977 I formed my own company representing US Energy Companies operating internationally. At one point in time we had seventeen foreign offices. 

    Now retired and living in the beautiful little town of Hayesville North Carolina with a winter home in Tampa Florida. 

    I cannot help but feel the respect, dedication and commitment to be all I could be which I learned at St. Rose enabled me throughout my life. -
     Ronald Jakelis