Enrollment Procedures


    Registration for all students, returning and new, begins in February.  St. Rose of Lima welcomes students transferring from other schools at any grade level, at any time during the school year.  Our Enrollment procedure is as follows:

    1.  Re-registration envelopes for students currently in our school are sent home. They have the opportunity to re-register and register any sibling at that time.

    2.  New Student registration is then held.

    If you are interested in enrolling your child or children in our school you may contact us one of three ways:

    • Phone: 732-462-2646
    • Email: lmoore@stroseoflima.com
    • Make an appointment for a tour during our operating hours. 


    -        Summer hours are:  9-1pm, Monday through Friday, holidays not included

    -        School in session hours are : 8-2, Monday through Friday, holidays not included

    -        If you have already made the decision to send your child or children to our school and would like us to mail you a registration package or you would like to pick one up, please contact us. You can also click on the New Registration Packet Link and print your own registration packet.


    If you are interested in learning about SMART TUITION, which is paying the tuition over ten or twelve months, then please let us know.  SMART TUITION is a great way to finance your child's education at very minimal cost to you and your family.