Arrival/Departure Procedures

  • The half-day session students should arrive at 7:45AM and will be dismissed at 10:45AM. 

    The full-day sessions should arrive at 7:45AM and will be dismissed at 2:15PM.

    The following procedures apply to all sessions:

    1. Parking


    • AM Session Parents: Enter the parking lot from Randolph Street or South Street and line up to the right of the cones. (The same procedure as used by all the students in the K-8 classes.)    At dismissal time the teacher aides will bring the students outside to meet their parents.


    • PM Session Parents: Since St. Rose students will be either playing in the parking lot or walking through the parking lot, it is imperative at these times that no cars move or park in the area between Lincoln Place and the front of the chapel.  Parents may pull up on Lincoln Place or park near the convent and walk their child to the area in the schoolyard where the aides will be waiting to take them to the classroom.  At dismissal, parents may park in the parking lot in front of the chapel near the preschool playground.  The children will be dismissed outside the preschool doors.  


    Late arrivals should use the entrance closest to the Nurse's office.

    Parents are welcome to view their child's class from the hallway at any time.  Please speak to the teachers at the end of the session or plan a conference time.

    If someone other than the parents will be picking up the child, his/her name must be recorded on the registration form or a written note must be sent to the teacher.  The child will not be released unless this procedure is followed.