Meet our PTA

  • St. Rose of Lima School

    PTA Executive Board


    Gina M. Mancini, President

    Lauren Kochka, Vice President

    Sabrena Watkins, 2nd Vice President

    Elaine Turzio, Secretary

    Joan Muzzio, Treasurer
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    The president presides at the meetings of the general membership and executive board and appoints the committee chairpersons with the approval of the moderator. 

    The vice-president, in the absence or resignation of the president, performs all duties of the president and works with the committee chairpersons to assist the president during their term.  

    The treasurer receives dues and all other monies, pays bills, and publishes an accurate account of the receipts and disbursements.

    Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator: 
    The secretary records minutes of general and executive board meetings and sends out notices of all meetings and all correspondence of the Association.

    The volunteer coordinator specifically relates to being responsible for recruitment, informing and organizing volunteers for all school events.


    Ways and Means:  

    Researching and overseeing fundraising events for our school community. Finding and managing chairperson(s) for events and reporting to the PTA board the details and outcomes. Determining which events should be repeated and which should not. 

    Provides hospitality and refreshments at meetings and various school functions.

    Will publish, through various media outlets, school events that are relevant to the surrounding community.  Will communicate announcements of importance to the school community as well as to the parish via parish bulletin.     

    Christian Service/ Spirituality:  
    Encourages the development of programs in support of the needy in the community.  Focuses on the spiritual enhancement of our student body.