What the PTA does

  • The importance of the PTA to our school community


    Did you know....To educate a child in the public school system in New Jersey costs an average of $12,100 per child.  To educate a child in a Catholic School costs approx. $7,200 per child.  Since our tuition falls short of that number, especially when you add the steep discount given for service to the school, it’s clear that St. Rose is charging much less than the actual cost.  Don't forget that our tuition includes all fees like book fees, art fees, supplies fees, etc.  Many schools have a lower base tuition and then add all of the extras in after.  While we all can appreciate our low tuition and the service discounts, we all know that the bills still have to get paid. 


    Sadly.....We do not get as much financial assistance as you may think.  The Parish helps by giving us a stipend to offset our school cost every year, however, that amount is not without limits.  The difference has to be made up somehow and that is where the PTA comes into play.  Both Catholic and Public schools depend on the PTA to help offset the cost of education.  All schools do fundraising because, as we all know from our own household budgets, there never seems to be enough money.


    How does the PTA work?........At the beginning of the year, the PTA sits down with Sister Pat and comes up with a calendar of events and programs that have two goals in mind: 1.) Bring the children and families closer together and/or  2.) To financially help the school.  Not all of our extracurricular programs and events are fundraisers.  For example, did you know that our after school programs like Cake Decorating, Tennis, Mad Science, Robotics are strictly for the enrichment of our students?


    We are made up of a group of volunteers that are dedicated to enhancing the school experience for our children and our faculty.  We are to be considered a liaison between the parents and the school administration and are here to help answer any questions that a parent may have pertaining to the day to day operations and events at our school.  If you have any questions that you would like to send to us, please know they will be kept confidential if requested, then please e mail any member that is related to your inquiry.  If you are unsure then e mail at PTApresident@stroseoflimafreehold.com.