Welcome Alumni

  • Welcome Alumni! 

    St. Rose of Lima was an integral part of your youth and a stepping stone to  becoming the adult you are today. For over 138 years we have been graduating children that have continued their spiritual and academic growth that resulted in good, moral citizens of God and the world.  

    Whether your memories are of professional, hard working teachers who nurtured you or of our fun school spirit events like the Halloween parade, Catholic Schools Week and our various assemblies.  Perhaps it is the lifelong friendships you have made that continue to inspire you every day.  Whatever it is, St. Rose of Lima is a part of who you are and we are proud of that!  We'd love to hear from you and find out what you've been up to lately.  Drop us an e mail at alumni@stroseoflima.com  or send us a message through the site at the link below. 

    Come back and say hello.  Visit our school and attend our events.  Share your story of how St. Rose of Lima shaped you into who you are today.  Share your memories, your laughs, your favorite teachers, etc.  You got the idea...contact us.  We miss you!  

    Keep up to date with our school news and events on Facebook , Like us at St. Rose of Lima, Freehold.  Keep your contact information current with us so we can keep you up to date on us.  A lot has changed, even from last year, but our interest and pride in our alumni has not. 

    Have any news that is "web worthy"?  Please let us know.  Pictures, stories, births, marriages, scholarships, doctorates - we love to brag!  Send all information to alumni@stroseoflima.com

    Contact us through this website by clicking here