Mrs. Becker's Classes




    Starting April 20th these are the times for Google Classroom meetings:

    5 A Language Arts Mon. 11:15am

    5 A Social Studies 11:15 am

    6 A Social Studies 11:15 am

    7-2 Language Arts 11:30 am

    I will continue to post assignments on Google Classroom.

    My email address is

    Assignments due:

    5th grade

    Social Studies -Travel brochure due Mar.31st,  Famous Woman report due April 6th

    Religion 5th grade- Saint Report April 2nd

    Language Arts- Storyworks assignments April 3rd

    Social Studies Native Americans- 6th grade- April 3rd - map of Greece is due

    Language Arts 7-2- Essays from Scope magazine April 2nd


    The students should be able to sign in. 

    Here are the codes if you need them:

    5A Homeroom-e6bh6gg

    Religion 5A- r34hvdo

    Social Studies 5A- cooj7oo

    Language Arts 5A- 47xqaez

    Language Arts 7-2- tlc27yt

    Social Studies 6A-qg3xsj3

    Stay well!

    Mrs. Becker


      5th Grade Religion

    5th and 6th Grade Social Studies


    5th Grade Language Arts and 7-2 Language Arts 


       Social Studies 5A- 


     Religion 5A-Remember your Lenten promise.


    Language Arts 5A- 


     Social Studies 6A- Sttudy for your vocabulary test on Chapter 8.


    Language Arts 7-2- Finish your story.