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    Dear Students and Parents:  I will not be using this teacher page to post information throughout the school year.  All homework and information will be found on my Google Classrooms.  Please join using the classroom codes listed below. I encourage parents to join. Thank you. 


    Google Classroom codes:

    8th grade math  lkiiumu

    7th grade math  4cvsspz

    7th grade religion  4fhah3n

    7th grade homeroom news and information oxk53vs

    6th grade math  2kimnsj

    5th grade math  4hzznvt










    September 2021

    Dear Parents and Students,                                                         

    Happy September!  We are approaching the beginning of school and I am excited to meet all my new 7th graders!  Some important "beginning of the school year" items are listed below.

    *The first day of school will be a full day.  We will be switching classes on the first day! You may carry a backpack or string bag throughout the day.

    *Please bring a lunch to school as we will be eating lunch again in the classroom. Grades 5-8 will have recess first, then lunch. Grades 5-8 will NOT have snack during class this year, however, water bottles are permitted at all times.

    *For math class, please bring a folder to school that will remain in the classroom for graded work.  This folder will go home every few weeks for parent review and signature.  If you have had me before, you know the drill.  

    *All notebooks will be provided to you and the first day of school you will be given a list of items provided to you and the cost. Please bring your own folders, binders, pens, pencils and whatever other supplies you put in your pencil cases.  Also, a working calculator will be required for my math class.  Mrs. Dowling will explain the type needed for Advanced math.

    *Service hours are required for all 7th graders.  Service hours forms will be sent home the first week of school as well.  I will get the exact numbers of hours required for 7th graders.

    *Students may wear uniform shorts and polo shirts to school with crew socks and sneakers during the first couple months of school while the weather is still warm.  Winter uniform goes into affect some time in November, more info to follow as we get into cooler months.  No sweatshirts are worn over polo shirts at any time of year! School sweaters are the only thing that may be worn.  Boys are to wear shirt and ties during the winter months.

    *I ask each student to bring in a box of tissues and a container of Clorox Wipes the first week of school to keep in the classroom.

    *Chromebooks will be distributed to you within the first couple days of school.  Please have a pair of ear buds with you at all times.

    *I have cereated Google Classrooms for my classes.  Please go to Google classroom and click join a class using the codes below.  7th graders please join homeroom information and news to find your schedule and 7th religion (math can be joined once you know which class you will be in.  6th graders please join 6 grade math, 5th graders please join 5th grade math and 8th graders please join 8th grade math.

    7th grade homeroom information and news class code  oxk53vs

    7th grade religion class code  4fhah3n

    6th grade math class code 2kimnsj

    5th grade math class code 4hzznvt

    8th grade math class code lkiiumu


    If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me at

    Enjoy the rest of the summer and I look forward to seeing you all again on the first day of school.


    Mrs. Blaser