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    Practice sight words often. Make flash cards for words that your child needs to practice.  Hang them around the house and practice. It is a relaxed fun way to practice the words.  Entire list is posted on Google classroom.

    Sight Words that you should also know how to spell:


     does  school   what    down    out     very   be    come    good    pull  3/23/2020



    We will have a dictation quiz when we meet in Google classroom Wednesday and Thursday.

    Before signing in, have a sharp pencil and paper ready! Also have a red pen(or another color) if possible.

    We will correct it together.


    Starting 3/30/2020 the stories will be avaiable on Google classroom. 

    We read two stories a week. The first story is to reinforce a spelling pattern, and the second story is practice finding text and illustration clues. I will post on the homework page the skill that is to be practiced for each story.  When reading with your child, question them as you read. First graders will answer questions with what they know, not always with what they read. It is important to have them find a sentence in the text to answer the question, and to explain how picture clues develop understanding of the story. We usually do the second story on Wednesday, and complete the Close Reading Companion workbook. It is a lot of work! I will not torture you with trying to complete those pages with your child! It is very challenging, so we will talk about it when we meet in Google classroom, and practice the skills in different ways.






    Children should know ALL ways to make a ten. Practice often. Remenber add in any order! 9+1    1+9

    The make a ten strategy is what the children have been using to add 8 and 9 to a number.

    9+7=   Take one away from the seven, make a ten. Six left 10+6=16   9+7=16.

    8+5  Take two away from the five, make a ten. Three left. 10+3=13    8+5=13.

    Memorize double facts and double facts plus one.

    Use count on strategy.  4+ 8.  8 is larger number. Put it in your head, count on 4 more.

    The children will struggle with math in second grade if they do not know basic facts to 20.


    Subtraction strategy

    12-8. 12 is the whole. Start at 8 count up to 12. Count AFTER saying 8.

    17-2. When taking away two or three count back. Start at 17  16 15. Make sure they know to count back AFTER saying 17.


    Practice adding and subtracting tens with 100 chart.

    Use count on strategy with 100 chart  57+ 3.


    Practice time to hour and half hour with clock.

    Challenge yourself and practice minutes past the hour.


    Practice counting by 2's 5's 10's.

    Use that strategy to practice counting money.

    Make it fun! Make a little store and practice buying and making change.


    Adding with regrouping:

    I am teaching them to carry the ten!


    +  26     12


    I tell the children to put the sum on the side {small). The reason being they see the tens and ones place. Put the 2 in ones place and yes carry the one to the tens place.

    We also do it this way:


    50 +6

    20+ 6

    70+ 12= 82 Add the tens and ones.








    PRAY   PRAY   PRAY!!!!



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