Study Tips and Strategies

  • Study Tips and Strategies for All Learners
    1.  Study in groups and talk things out.
    2.  Get a small tape recorder and record your notes to listen.
    3.  Record study groups or tutoring sessions.
    4.  Reduce notes to main ideas and put them on tape to hear.
    5.  Read texts out loud or onto a recorder.
    6.  Listen to the tapes when you have free time or as you are going to sleep!
    7.  Talk out the answers.  While you are figuring out a problem, talk to yourself!  
    8.  Use word association and /or mnemonic devices, songs, or rhymes to help you remember your notes.
    1.  Assemble charts, and diagrams of information.
    2.  Take breaks when studying, get up and walk around and come back to the materials.
    3.  Combine an activity with studying (riding an exercise bike).  
    4.  Use tools such as flashcards.
    5.  Keep your fingers busy while studying (click a pen, play with a paperclip.)
    1.  Take notes.
    2.  Underline, highlight, or circle printed materials, notes.
    3.  Borrow other's notes, compare them to your own.
    4.  Draw pictures in notes to illustrate ideas.
    5.  Use a variety of colors- pens, highlighters, index cards, etc.
    6.  After reading, review notes or underlined materials to reinforce learning.
    7.  Use graphs and charts to memorize materials.
    8.  Read the lesson ahead of time to visually connect with the information before hearing it.
    9.  Sit near the front of the class.
    Hope these help!