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    Week of March 25- 29

                                                        Monday:  Gym

                                                        Tuesday: Library

                                                        Wednesday: Music

                                                        Thursday:  Art and Spanish


    Cupcake Day is on Wednesday, March 27!


    Language Arts    

    Letter of the Week:  Ww

    We will read more Dr. Seuss books!

    We will keep practicing our letters!    



    We will talk about Lent!   How are we remembering

    to be like Jesus to our friends in school? 




    Number: 8 (Eight)

    Shape: Review all the shapes



    We will sing songs about spring and learn about

    plants and flowers growing!   


     Thank you for labeling coats.  We are getting good at finding our coats and hanging them on a hook.  Now, we are working on putting on coats with zippers and buttons!        


     4 Year Old Preschool Hours

    Full Day Hours-  7:45- 2:15  

    Shortened Day Hours-  Morning Class- 7:45-9:30

                 Full Day Students Dismiss at 11:45                                                

    Mrs. Cruise





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