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  • .  All Preschoolers need to wear a mask.  The children will remove masks for snack and lunch, naptime , Gym class and during outside recess.  Please send in a few extra masks in a labeled sandwich bag.  We are looking forward to a happy and healthy school year. ❤️



    Mrs.Starke's class: 14 students   ( 7 boys/ 7 girls) 

    Mrs. Cruise's class: 18 students   (  9 boys/ 9 girls) 


     Reminder:  Monday, Jan. 17th is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and school is closed. 


    Letter of the Week:  Mm

    Shape: Squares


     Our supply of wipes for cleaning the desks during the day is dwindling.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could send in wipes. (Lysol, Clorox, Shop Rite brand...whatever is on sale!) Thank you!

    Parents, thank you for emailing us when your child is absent.  Your diligence in keeping your child home with coughs and runny noses will continue to keep all of us healthy. ❤️


    (Hoodies are still difficult for preschoolers to put on and take off independently.... zipped coats and jackets make getting dressed for playtime much easier.   Mittens are easier to put on than gloves. 😊)



    Preschool Schedule

    Dismissal for half day students is at 10:45 at Door #9.

    Dismissal for full day students is at 2:00 PM in the Car Rider Parking Lot


    Supplies to send in:

    A complete set of extra clothes (does not need to be a gym uniform- play clothes are fine for this!)  Please include a shirt, underwear, pants, and socks in a Zipooc bag labeled with your child's name.

    Cloth sleeping mat if your child is a full day student.  These mats can be ordered from Walmart or Amazon.   Look for a toddler nap mat.

    Lunch Boxes are permitted this year ,however, please send your child's morning snack and drink in a separate bag.   


    Box of 2.5 Gallon Ziploc bags


    If you have any questions regarding preschool, please send an email to:



                                        Preschool Hours


     Full Day Students  7:45- 2:00 (Car Rider Parking Lot)

      Early Dismissal Day  7:45- 11:30  (Car Rider Parking Lot)


    Half Day Students   7:45- 10:45    (at Preschool Door #9)

    Early Dismissal Day  7:45- 11:30    (Car Rider Parking Lot)


    Mrs. Cruise and Mrs. Barkalow 

    Mrs. Starke and Mrs. Gambale