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     Week of:  Sept. 23-27, 2019

                                 Our Specials

                           Monday:  Gym ( Mrs. Smith)

                           Tuesday: Art   (Mrs. Brown)

                           Wednesday: Spanish   ( Miss Bennett)

                           Thursday: Computers   ( Mrs. P.)

                           Friday:  Half Day  Music  ( Mr. Dalton)

    This week we will practice using scissors!  Practice cutting simple shapes at home.

    We will learn about Fall and sing a song about acorns!

    We will learn about the Creation story from the Bible.


    Freiendly reminder...  

    Please trace Mom ( or Dad's ) hand   ( No neeed to cut it out !)  

     Write a short note on the index card to encourage your child for the school year ahead!

    Please send in a family photo 


    4 Year Old Preschool Hours

    Full Day Hours-  7:45- 2:15  Half Day Hours- 7:45-10:45

    *******Shortened Day Hours-  Morning Class- 7:45-9:30

                     *******   Full Day Students Dismiss at 11:45                                                

    Mrs. Cruise





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