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    Monday, November 11, 2019  Veterans Day


    I sent home the parent conference information today.  Please read my note I attached.  If any parents want to meet with me between now and the scheduled conferences I can meet after school on most days except on Thursdays.  Refer to my note.  Thank You

    We did some readings on Veteran's Day.  We will complete the packet tomorrow because there was a need to have a class/team meeting with the students.  We discussed the idea of creating our class "Promise" to help us remember how to treat others in the classroom and to be good role models for each other. 


    What are we learning?

    Math: The students are learning to subtract three digit numbers using estimation, partial differences, and subtraction.  The students are also working on multiplication of 3's.

    LA:  The students have been working very hard on writing a well-written paragraph story.  They are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to help their readers visual what they are writing.  They are learning to write solid lead and ending sentences to their stories.  Right now the stories are written using only one paragraph.  Capitalization and punctuation are being stressed.  We also started our new unit in our reading textbooks and workbooks.  This is a new curriculum for all of us and it is exciting to see everything the students will learn and experience as we work our way through this unit on communities, which coincides with our social studies unit on communities.

    Science: We started a new unit on electric and magnetic forces/energy.  We have been talking about the atom and what are insulators and conductors for electricity.  We will be using Google Classroom for streaming educational videos and discussions.

    Social Studies: We continue to learn about communities.  This unit is all about immigrants and cultures.



    We started our new unit on energy.  It took us a few days to set up the students' Google Classroom.  We will be using this to watch videos, take quizzes, and complete assignments.  The students need to purchase earphones or ear buds for their chromebooks.



    Mrs. Kropa