Mrs. Horner's Class - 4A Math, Religion, Science, and Social Studies 4B- Science and Social S

  • Mrs. Horner's Class

    Fourth Grade


    4A -Math, Religion, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies


    What's coming up!

    Math-We will start with reviewing place value and number reading. Addition and subtraction skills will be built upon and then it is on to  Multiplication  and Division! Division! Division! 

    Religion-We will start with reviewing the early church beginnings and then our study of the Beatitudes will begin.

    Social Studies- We will be learning map reading skills and geography terms to start and then moving on to early NJ Language Arts-  We are learning about plural possessives and singular possessives. We will write our own movie reviews and then book reports

    LA- We will sharpen our cursive writing and reading skills. Sentence structure, punctuation and parts of speech will be studied.

    Science-We will be using the STEAM lab weekly to solidify concepts that we cover during the week. We will have a new science text so a list of concepts will be forthcoming