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    Grade 5- Arbor Day Poster Contest
    Theme is Draw a local tree.
    How does this tree help wildlife? or
    How does this tree help people? or
    How does this tree help our environment? or
    How do trees help...?  
    All posters will be done in the art class.
    Not too late !!!!Yearbook
    If you forgot to order your yearbook, it is not too late.
    Please send in your order ASAP.
    Cost $20 for all colored book
     Top 3  teams for the 2018-19 season 
    1st place - Spinach Boys
    Chris Barna
    Joe Russo
    Benjamin Fernandez
    2nd place - Lucky 7's
    Alex Glick
    Tom Decker
    Ryan Hierl
    3rd place - Dark Wings
    Jack Cashman
    Alex Mancino
    Chris Iosue
    Congratulations to all teams for a great bowling season. 
    Bowling Pizza Awards party to be announced.

    Supplies for Art Room

    Burnt out old regular light bulbs

    Egg cartons


     Please check your Child's supplies to make sure they are prepared for class.  They need the glue sticks for class.

    Supplies for Art Class


    All classes K thru 8 need an art folder.

    It is ONE piece of poster board 22 x28.

    Fold the board in half to become 14 x 22. 

    Staple on the (2) 14" sides.

    Name at the TOP RIGHT hand corner.



    All classes need pencil, scissors, glue and an eraser.

    K-3 need crayons.


    Colored pencils or Markers ARE NOT necessary 

    for  art class.