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    All art folders were due by October 1

    Supplies for Art Class

    All classes K thru 8 need an art folder.

    It is ONE piece of poster board 22 x28.

    Fold the board in half to become 14 x 22. 

    Staple on the (2) 14" sides.

    Name at the TOP RIGHT hand corner.



    All classes need pencil, scissors, glue and an eraser.

    K-3 need crayons.


    Colored pencils or Markers ARE NOT necessary 

    for  art class. 






    Grades 3-8 had a great start to the season.

    Places for the September 26

    1st place - Team 6


    2nd Place - Team 1


    3rd place - Team 3


    Places for the week of October 3


    1st place - Team 3


    2nd place - Team 4


    3rd place - Team 5