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    ***Parents & Students- Everyday Monday-Friday I will be available on Google Meet. Please see links below: 
    9:30-10:10 A.M.-
    2:30-3:30 P.M.-
    For weekly assignments please check Google Classroom.***
    Dear Parents and Students,
    Hello, I will miss all of you over the next two weeks, but I know you will all be working
    hard to get your work done. Just follow the directions for each days assignments.
    Please READ!READ!READ! everyday. You're all excellent readers so keep up the great work.
    Parents please don't hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.
    I will be available during the school day from 8:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M. to check emails and
    answer any questions you have.
    All of the work will be handed in when your child returns to school. The envelope that was sent home with some extra worksheets can be done independently and the students can hand that in also when we return to school. If your child doesn't get to finish all of the work or if he or she does not understand something it's o.k. we will be going over the skills again when they return to school.
    Thank you for your support and cooperation. Stay healthy and be safe!!
    Social Studies - Brainpop Jr. watch the Social Studies video on Susan B. Anthony and take the easy quiz
    Username: tpollitto Password: Lexyvin4
    Monday, March 23rd
    There are no assignments for today so students can catch up on any assignments that they
    didn't get to complete from last week.
    Maybe take a walk around your neighborhood or go to Go Noodle for a brain break.
    Tuesday, March 24th
    Religion - My Lenten Journey - Week 4 This week we are working on thanking God. Write
    and draw a picture showing what you are thankful for at home. Worksheet is posted here.
    Reading - Wonders Unit 5, Week 4 should be done by Friday, March 27th is posted here.
    LA - Your Turn Practice book pages 231, 232 and Phonics/Spelling workseet page 118 posted here.
    Math -Workbook pages 507, 508, try to work with real coins
    Read for 15 minutes and write two sentences about what you read.
    Wednesday, March 25th
    Religion - Write and draw a picture showing what you are for at school, use same worksheet from Tuesday/
    LA-  Your Turn Practice Book pages 233-235, Read Recycling Contest and answer the
    Math- Workbook pages 509, 510
    Read for 15 minutes and write 2-3 sentences about what you read
    Go on site if you can and do a few LA games for 15 minutes
    and go to Break the Bank Math- Sorting for 15 minutes
    Science - Create a chart Recycled Materials and draw pictures of recycled materials:
    Glass, Paper & Cardboard, Aluminum & Steel, and Plastic, Answer the question "How can we
    protect the Earth?" Example is here.
    Thursday, March 26th 
    Religion - Write and draw a picture that shows what you think Jesus was thankful for, use same worksheet from Tuesday
    LA - Worksheets Grammar Contractions page 116 posted here and Spelling and Writing page 120 posted here.
    Read for 15 minutes and write 2-3 sentences about what you read
    Math - Compare Money pages 511, 512 
    Social Studies - Go to Brain Pop and watch the Amelia Earhart video and take the easy quiz
    Username: tpollitto Password: Lexyvin4
    Friday, March 27th 
    Reading - We will take a reading test today
    Language Arts - We will take a spelling test today
    Math - work book pages 513, 515, practice counting money with coins
    Resources for Students:
    Click on the links below
    Class Code: Q2YQFS 
    Username: sadlierstudent
    Password: ReadyToLearn!